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0FFiCiALLY 0PEN 0N JANUARii 13, 2005 ^.^


This is for all those NEW QUEER EYE F0R THE STRAIGHT GIRL L0VERS! YAYz! WEll Y0U HAVE T0 L0VE DANNY TEES0N (my personal fav.) aka THE LIFE R0BBIE LAUGHLiN aka THE LOOK DAM0N PEASE THE L0CALE & THE 0NLY LESiBiAN 0N THE SH0W H0NEY LABRAD0R aka THE LADY I also just noticed that tere jobs start with the letter "L" interesting... haha well I little about me... aka THE M0D HEHE...

My name is Chelsea I go by Chi or Ceej whatever you would like to say, I'm Filipino. ^.^ I'm a huge Queer Eye fan!! ^.^ I'm sure all you people here are! Have any questions go to my journal jailover or if you would like to be my friend go there you can also contact me @ my mypspace site http://profiles.myspace.com/users/5595535 or my xanga site xanga.com/GaGoPinai.... feel free to add me in or add a comment or whatever... ^.^, haha ya that's pretty much it, oOo & since Queer Eye for the Straight Girl is held in So. Cal (where I live ^.^) then ask questions & I'll def help out people out of area like my Eastern H0MiEZ! H0LLA F0' A D0LLA! PEAS!